[ Need help--Again] Confusing form-factor :(

I'm really confused:

I'm looking into buying THIS case for a build I'm doing: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811144230

It lists that it supports: ATX/MicroATX/"BabyATX" form factors, SO I just had a question about the "BabyATX" FF ( I'm going to abbreviate, I figure im going to be using the word Form factor a lot, so I'm going to make this easier to read :P ):

1) What its exact measurements ( H x W )? Is it really just Mini-ITX or MicroATX But just worded incorrectly?

My goal is to fit a Mini-ITX ( most likely one of ASRocks Fusion-APU Boards ) MB In the case, and one of my concerns was whether or not the case has standoffs/mounts for the Mini-ITX FF.

I don't know if I've worded everything correctly or If I'm asking the question right, so If anyone needs clarification, JUST TELL ME :)
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  1. I haven't heard of "Baby ATX" but I do know that mini-ITX is probably the smallest of the standard ATX form factors and fits the same standoffs as microATX and ATX. It just doesn't need some of the standoffs that the bigger boards need because it doesn't spread as far.
  2. Important difference between what you wrote and what it says. It actually supports Baby-AT not Baby-ATX(no such form factor). This should clear up a fair amount

    Baby-AT is similar in dimensions to ATX but a bit more rectangular, it is much much bigger than micro-ATX or Mini-ITX boards
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