URGENT: How do I short the pins on the mobo to reset bios?

Greetings . . .

I didn't listen to my inner voice and made the awful mistake of following the instructions from "Tech Support" and I disabled my integrated graphics card BEFORE I told the bios to use the pci slot and not integrated for video. I now have no video!! NONE! zip - zero - zilch - nada!

I have an old refurbished lenovo thinkcentre M55e: mobo: 9300A15. I called Lenovo and tech there was gracious enough to give me 2 free minutes; they said I could reset my bios to factory defaults - and get my integrated graphics card back - by finding the "reset" pins on the mobo and short them.

OK - so while I go try to find those pins - could you please tell me how to short them? small piece of wire and touch both (all?) of them at the same time?

Are we having fun yet??

Thanks soooo much - could be a quick "best answer" for someone! (dangling carrot!!)

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    there should be a jumper look near the battery you should see pins labled cmos or just take the battery out for like 15 min
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  3. Greetings Te100 . . You Win the Prize!! Thank you soooo much - removing the battery worked!! quick and easy! why didn't tech support at Lenovo tell me that???

    I owe you a beer (or beverage of choice)!


    to Smorizio: Thanks for that link - I was there trying to find that layout for the mobo. Appreciate the help!

    Have a great day!

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