How can i get sound through GPU hdmi?

I recently installed my radeon hd 5570 driver and my previous sound card no longer works after the reboot. That is, when I plug in my headphones to the headphone jack, the headphones are not detected (same for speakers). So I am stuck trying to get sound through the GPU's hdmi port since the headphone jack doesn't detect anything. Exactly what kind of speakers do I need to work with HDMI? I am completely clueless as to what exactly HDMI is.
I tried googling around and they say something about a home theater, which I don't have. I just have a computer and speakers. What should I do to get my sound back?
Thanks in advance!

windows xp sp3 32 bit
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  1. I tried reinstalling the audio drivers and rebooting to no effect. I'm currently using "AMD High Definition Audio Device" as my sound card according to speccy
  2. Change the devices in windows audio to your soundcard.
  3. amuffin said:
    Change the devices in windows audio to your soundcard.

    thanks for replying
    how can I get to windows audio? Do you mean device manager? Unfortunately, my audio devices are not even detected.
    If I go to control panel>sounds and audio devices, it says "no audio device" with the options greyed out, even though my headphones are plugged in.
  4. Control Panel, then sound.
  5. Right click the speaker icon in the notification area and go to playback devices... choose the one that corresponds to the sound card instead of the video card.
  6. amuffin
    When I go to control panel and then sounds and audio devices, it says no audio device and all options are greyed out. keep in mind I'm on xp, so if you are on windows 7 it may be different

    there is no speaker icon in the notification area, likely because the computer doesn't even detect my sound hardware
  7. Update the drivers for the sound hardware? Update windows?
  8. I had all my drivers upgraded through device manager. I'm probably going to end up reinstalling windows, I was thinking of getting windows 7 anyways. xp is meh
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