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Building my first pc. I noticed the motherboard and graphics card came with their own cds for driver installation. I did not include an optical drive in my build because i have windows 7 on a usb drive for installation. Do i need a cd/dvd drive to install these drivers or can i download them online? not sure what to do
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  1. Yes you can download them online. In fact it is better because the drivers will be more up-to-date on the manufacturer's website. Usually when I buy new hardware first thing I do is throw the CD to the garbage and download the latest software from the website, lol.

    For your video card it's better to download the drivers directly from nvidia or AMD. For your motherboard you can get them from the manufacturer, Asus, Intel, Gigabyte, etc...
  2. Thank you for your speedy reply. I havent installed windows yet, but will I be able to connect to the internet, to download the motherboard and graphics drivers, or do i have to do this from another computer and save the files to a flash drive
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