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Convert Molex to 4-Pin Motherboard fan


I have two fans on the front and top, and they have a molex connecter that goes straight to the powersupply. They are very loud, and I dont want to buy an extra speed controller, so I want to plug the fans into my motherboard, the ASUS p8Z68, so I can control them. The motherboard has two open 4-pin chassis fan connecters. How can I convert the molex to the 4-pins?

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  1. those fan only have 2 pins connector or they have 4 pins one
  2. The fans themselves have 4pin moles connectors.
  3. those fan have led on them if not give the model and name of the case if they came with or if you bought them separately
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    If the fans have only 2 wires going to them, the motherboard can't control the speed. (The 2 wires are +12V and Ground.) A 3 wire fan would allow you to monitor the speed but not control it*. A 4 wire fan would allow the board to control the speed by Pulse Width Modulation. But the board would have to have a 4 wire header.

    *all 2-wire 12V fans w/universal DC motors can be controlled by varying the DC voltage to the motor, but that would take a separate controller.
  5. What are some cheap controllers?
  6. you did not answer my last post
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