Need help with routers

I have verizon fios and i lag like crazy because my router is on the other side of my house, far away from the mainbox that verizon came in and installed.

I want to know if there are certain routers that have good signal from far distances ?
any recommendations please ?
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  1. you could use a wireless repeater like a router that supports DD-WRT.

    most Netgear, Linksys and ASUS will support it.
  2. I meant to say my router is wire connected to my computer, but it still lags because the mainbox that my router is getting its signal from is downstairs in the garage... is there another router i can buy that can give the router connected to my computer a stronger signal to the mainbox downstairs ? or can a wireless repeater do that ?
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    a wireless repeater is usually located somewhere in the middle between the main router and the PC; therefore, increasing the signal strength.
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