No free ram?(8gb) Is there a problem or do I need more ram?

As the title says I have no free ram when I am doing general browsing so should I get more ram or is my ram bad.. I have two monitors and on one i usually have open and the other i am just browsing 4chan or something. I am using google chrome it that means anything,
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  1. If you look at the breakdown of usage, you'll see that about 4GB is dedicated to cache. This is RAM that is used to speed up your computer until it's needed for something else. All modern operating systems operate under the basic mantra of: Free RAM is wasted RAM.
  2. Thanks for the response, makes senses. Do think that I should get more ram though?
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    It depends on what you're doing with the computer. If you do a lot of video editing or even photo editing, it might be useful. In your case, half your RAM is being used for auxiliary functions by the OS, so I don't think you're someone who needs more RAM. At least not yet. Once that "Available" figure drops down to maybe 1GB or less on a regular basis, you can think about adding more RAM. Otherwise, I'd say it's probably a waste of money, not that it'd hurt anything adding more.
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