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i have a problem with my graphics card making this sound see link, i think its coming from the fan, my card is a geforce 8600gt and my pc is 3 year old,
anyone know what is causing this?
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  1. Wow, sounds like my weedeater! More then likely is the fan. Take the card out and blow it out with some compressed air.
  2. already done that , in fact the whole inside of my pc has had a good blowjob :ouch:
    all other fans are working fine, is it just past its sell by date ? and i need a new card?
  3. Yeah sounds like the fan might be on the way out. You might be able to find a cheaper aftermarket cooling solution but then again this may be a good excuse for an upgrade ;)
  4. ok, think ill get a new card, im not into gaming alot so spending £70-80 on one should do the job. (preferably one with a good quiet fan, :lol:
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