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Best Gaming OS?

not sure if i put this in the correct category, there isn't an obvious OS section.

there are several threads on this, but the most recent was dated 2002.

is there any OS that carry an advantage over others?

Windows 7 probably holds the win for compatibility alone, will most software intended for Windows work on Linux and others?

is it even possible to play games on Backtrack 5? (would be awesome if it had good compatibility, but i cant find much on it)

if say, the answer is 7, will Ultimate carry a distinct advantage over Home Premium, is it worth the extra money?

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  1. windows... and no to the ultimate... unless you want like 64gb of ram or something rediculous... linux sucks for gaming though it is getting better
  2. Win7 Home Edition 64 bit or Pro 64 bit.
  3. Yup, a 64 bit Win 7.
  4. Windows Ultimate has both 32bit and 64bit and windows 64bit alows you to use more than 4gb of ram up to whatever so that if you wanted to use more than 4gb of ram then you would get the 64bit version. I think that the 64bit is the OS you want to use for gaming and you can get either Ultimate or Professional would be good choices and you can get lower priced versions of 64bit.
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    just get home premium... you don't need professional unless you want to join your system to a domain and you don't need ultimate unless you want the OS to support more than 16GB of RAM.... in which case go with ultimate...
  6. Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit is what you want.
  7. Hi,

    I found that most games get better frame rate and more fluent gaming with xp (dx 9) than win 7 but of course you get better quality with 7 (dx 11)

    I've been testing L4FD2, Lineage 2, dungeon siege 3, crysis 1, Vindictus, GTA:SA, oblivion... (a variety of games older and newer)

    tested with 1st with

    core 2 duo e8400 oc @ 3.7 ghz
    3 gb ram 800 mhz
    geforce 250 gt then with geforce 550 ti


    core i5 2500k (no oc)
    4 gb ram (3.1 in xp 32 bit))
    geforce 550 ti

    Regardless of config : got better results with xp (fluent, no suturing)

    But I didn't do any fine tuning except with nvidia control pannel where I put to performance, also removed v sync and anti aliasing x2/ x4

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know
  8. Windows XP was without a doudt the best OS that Microsoft has ever put out and it was a sad day when Microsoft said that they will not longer be supporting XP , that means no more updates , no more patches , no more service packs and you will be hard pressed to find it for sale somewhere. Internet Explorer no longer supports XP so you have to make do with earlier versions. I used XP for years and never went to Vista but have now gone with Win 7 and I do think it is every bit as good as XP. Just like Internet Explorer I am using IE8 and have tried IE9 but don't like it at all and want to stay with 8.
  9. i agree that that xp would be the best, but as inzone stated, is not supported which is annoying.

    I know vista didnt pan out too well, but im on a vista machine and it is the fastest most stable thing ive ever ran.

    my dad recently bought a new computer from dell, and along with the pre installed 7 home ed. it included a disc copy of xp, which is semi contradictory but ok.

    i will probably go with 7 home, or if i find a good deal on ultimate, then there ya go.

    thanks all!
  10. Why the bleep would you want to game on backtrack??????? You give linux a bad name. Thats a hackers OS that has hacker tools everywhere, you can gain entrance to wifi, passwords, pretty much anything you want with backtrack. Thats why we used it in my ethical hacking class for that reason.

    The only linux OS i would even consider for gaming use would be ubuntu with wine.
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  12. You can get w7 pro for $65 if you know someone with a student email. Pro also support 16gb+ like ultimate. There's really no reason for ultimate as the extra features are mainly encryption which sucks and you can get free encyrption that is better. All of them game the same, I doubt games will ever use 16gb ram before you pc is obsolete. Get home for the cheapest option, pro for 16gb+, domain join and xp mode, and ultimate if you have money burning a hole in your pocket.

    This shows w7 getting more fps. But there are other ones that showed no difference and even some showing a decrease. The world may never know but w7 has much more compatible hardware and software.
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