Graphics card damaging the motherboard?

Hi guys have a serious question for you but first here's what hardware I'm running with no overclocks(except one mentioned below);
2x2GB PNY DDR3 1066Mhz RAM
750W Apevia PSU
450W Supplementary PSU w/ AC Case Cooling
120MM and 200MM case fans
320GB 7200RPM WD Caviar Black SATA HDD

For the graphics card I was running a Galaxy GTx 250 w/ 1GB DDR3 RAM and required two 12v supplementary connectors
I recently bought an EVGA GTx 560Ti Factory SUPERCLOCKED graphics card with 2GB of DDR5 RAM, it is very similar in build, size and power requirements both being 24 Amp cards requiring two 12v supplementary connectors. Following standard installation procedurs I performed an extremely quick and easy change out. Unplugged the two 12v connectors, slipped out the GTx250 with no problems, and managed to get the new GTx 560 in place with no problems, reconnected the two 12v connectors, closed the back plate to hold the card in place and proceded to reconnect the PC and all peripherals.

I booted the computer and the BIOS immediately recognized the card, I was super excited, windows finished loading and as it was pulling up the login screen I head a fairly loud "FSSSSSSS-POOF" sound. Looking at the motherboard the PCI-E Chipset has a hole burned through the plastic. My system has stayed the same for the past 2 years besides cleanings every few months, the only variable changed before my MoBo was fried was the new EVGA GTx 560 Ti Factory Superclocked 2GB graphics card I installed and I had made sure to install it as safely as possible in a safe environment making sure to only touch the edges of the card and not any of the transistors.

So my question is, 'Is it possible for a graphics card to cause damage to the motherboard?
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  1. I would suspect it's the PSU to blame.Apevia makes a lot of really really low quality units.

    Why are you using 2 PSU's?

    What do you mean by the PCI-E chipset? The NB?

    Can you provide a picture plz.
  2. Could be your motherboard was on it's way out, or you got a defective card and it killed your motherboard.
  3. Yeah I wouldn't trust the APEVIA PSU either. I like their cases, but not their PSUs.
  4. I was gonna say that too but it's only 2 years old.And their hasn't been any
  5. I know Apevia is fairly poor, which is I why I'm using the Thermaltake 450W supplementary PSU / AC Cooler to power the card. By the PCI-E Chipset I mean the 1/2" x 1/2" Black plastic chip in between my two PCI-E slots, I imagine that's is a Chipset or a Micro-processing unit of some kind. Out of all my hardware components heat never exceeded 32 degrees Celsius throughout the life of the computer, even while playing Witcher 2 on Ultra and lagging with my poor GTs 250.
  6. I called EVGA and they said there is absolutely 0 possibility of one of their graphics cards damaging a PSU or motherboard, this was repeated by the Tech, Senior Tech, Customer Service rep and the CSR Supervisor. Told me to call Intel for a warranty claim.

    So I called Intel, I was told it's absolutely possible for a graphics to damage both the PSU and Motherboard, especially if it's overclocked, even factory OC'd and/or defective. However, Intel refuses to cover electrical damage and that I need to go through EVGA.

    Call EVGA back again and tell them what the Intel senior tech said and the CSR Supe on duty tells me his senior tech says that there's no way, and that he'd be willing to do a RMA on my card and give me 10 EVGA bucks(The equivalent of 5 good post on the forums) for future upgrades, pretty much saying, "Screw you buddy, not going to do anything for you but it's worth a buck to get rid of you."

    Essentially, I'm left motherboardless, scrooged by two greedy companies. It's a shame they won't take care of people, they don't even give two poops about Retail Employees who sell and support their brand everyday. I can say, this is a retail employee has alot less brand support for the two companies, especially EVGA.
  7. If a card tries to draw too much power from the PCI-E slot it can damage the motherboard. Of course modern cards are designed to prevent that (they should depend on the PCI-E connectors for extra power instead) but a defective card could draw too much power or just short out the slot. Such a card shouldn't have made it past QA, but hey it happens.
  8. Maybe the voltage on the card is so different from the GTX250 the motherboard had to adjust.
  9. They are both 24AMP cards that require min 450W of power and two 12v supplementary connectors.
  10. The GTX560ti may have different voltage regulators than the GTX250.
  11. bumps.

    I had this pc build:

    MS windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Amd Phenom x4 955
    2 x 4GB RAM PNY optima<------------
    AMD Radeon HD 6770
    Biostar A870U3 mobo
    450w psu, dont remember brand.
    motherboard failed. it didnt give any video unless you start to mess up with the ram (like swapping it and turning it off/on)

    them i got this build:

    Amd Phenom x4 955
    2 x 4GB RAM PNY optima<------------
    AMD Radeon HD 6770
    ASUS M5A78L-M LX PLUS AM3+ AMD 760G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard.
    500w psu, another different brand, cant remember.

    this motherboard failed completely. I tested it without the video card and it didnt give any video.

    them i got this build

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.9 GHZ
    2 x 4GB RAM PNY optima<-----------------------------
    MSI brand motherboard. onboard graphics.
    another 2 different PSUs, 600w and 450w.

    at this point i was thinking it might be the video card, so i tested it without it and it didnt do anything again. no video.

    now i have this build.

    Gigabyte AM3+ AMD DDR3 1333 760G GA-78LMT-USB3
    ASUS HD7790-DC2OC-1GD5 Radeon HD7790 1GB GDDR5 128-bit
    2 x 4GB RAM PNY Optima<-----------------------------
    Diablotek DA Series 600-Watt ATX Power Supply PSDA600
    Amd Phenom x4 955
    Seagate Barracuda 7200 500 GB SATA 6.0 Gb-s 16 MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive ST500DM002

    it's failing. yesterday i went into frustration when i saw this build gave me the same problem. i was just sure that changing my video card would solve my problem. but it was not like that.
    so after 1hour of sobbing (lol) i tried my last attempt to fix it. i started to swap rams and stuff. them it turned on just with 1 pny ram. it was a miracle for me. and i knew right away that it was the ram giving me that problem. this PNY optima has being killing my motherboards and making me waste money for a very long time. I've made more builds with the same ram but i dont wanna post more builds lol. i was dump for not realizing that the ram was the faulty thingy.
    my purpose of this post is that for anyone else looking for something like this with PNY rams builds, having a similar issue, take this into account.
    Now i have to change my motherboard (again... sigh) and this pny rams. but im so scare of seeing the same problem again that i will go to intel instead, and nvidia and make a whole new build from scratch.
  12. Apevia = crap
    I bet that is what blew up your board
    Damn it! Necro thread
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