My first gaming build on 350-450 pound budget. Need advice,

Approximate Purchase Date: 2011 December.

Budget Range: 350-450 pounds including everything.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Online games such as: Lineage 2/ Darkfall( if its get better)

Parts Not Required: Mouse & Keyboard

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Don't care as long as they offer cheapest price and cheapest/free delivery (preffer in UK)

Country: United Kingdom,Manchester

Parts Preferences: Priority:
1) Processor ( 85-95p) AMD Buldz 4100 3.6ghz ( Fits in price range)
2) graphic card (60-100p) Please advise me :)
3) Ram (25- 32p) 8Gb ram any brand 1333mhz ( fits in price range)
4) SSD 60-80p) 60gb best speed for the price ( mostly all fits in the price range)
5) Motherboard - I am not interested in upgrading later. (35-50p) This is where I need your help..
6) Monitor (60 - 85p) Can some one name the criteria on a choosing monitor?
7) power supply (10-30p) I just need one to run at least one or two years^^

least priority is the Case.. but a 20-30p ( I will probably buy one case with 500W PSU..)

So minimum price: 350.
Maximum price: around 450..
By surfing the prices and reviews I am absoluteyly sure I want to buy AMD Procesor as its the best for the money/performance ratio. The rest depends on price and compatibility with the process.

Overclocking: Maybe, but I dont have any experience with it although I am willing to gain some.

SLI or Crossfire: Definitely NO!!!

Monitor Resolution: Haven't decided on the monitor as it depends on the budget( so it depends on the overall price above). Although I prefer minimum resolution from: 1280x1024 to 1650x 1024 or similar.
Not planning to use more than one monitor nor eyefinity or anything close to 3D vision gaming!!!

Additional Comments: Hello The deal is this. I want a pc for around 400 pounds..And actually I have already chosen some builds but I am very strugling on choosing the right motherboard for the AMD Bulldozer 4100 3.6ghz...
Games I want to play - lineage2..just for good old days, witcher 2 and something like that.But I have no obsession on playing the latest games and on the highest possible details.

So here are the parts :

Procesor: AMD FX-4100 AM3+ 3.6GHz 12MB 95W
( price around 95p with delivery)
I am choosing this procesor because of its high performance so I would like to stick with it.
By the can somebody explain me the importance of L1/L2/L3 Cache In gaming

Motherboard( the biggest pain of them all...)I cant decide wheter to take Matx or atx form? That is the biggest problem for me - i just cant understand the biggest difference in those except the size..
Ofcourse Motherboard with socket for AM3+: prices range from 39p to 50p
I just have no idea... Please help me to choose the right one.

Graphic card: Asus GeForce GTX 550 Ti 900MHz 1GB PCI-Express HDMI
(core - 900 mhz)
EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 951MHz 1GB PCI-Express HDMI
(core - 951mhz)
What is the actual difference between this two cards ( 900mhz < 951mhz) In gaming? While price difference is ( 90.69+ 3.56(Delivery)= 94.25p< 97.7+3.56(delivery)=101.26p ...Actual difference W/D 90.69< 97.7
Conclusion: Is 7p Worth paying for extra 51mhz?
P.s. I am open for other graphic card offers.

1) Please explain whether there is a difference in installing an nvidia card into AMD system rather than radeon card?
2) whats the difference in core clock mhz as it goes from 900mhz to up..and it can be overclocked - so wheter gtx 550 is good card or there is smthg similar for less price but close performance? and im taking about the radeon 6770/6790..

RAM - definitely 8gb , 1333mhz dual channel....
Some rams..:
Kingston ValueRam 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-10666 1333MHz Dual Channel Kit, Retail - KVR1333D3N9K2/8G 33p
OcUK Value 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C9 1333MHz Low-Voltage Dual Channel Kit 30p (can some one explain the meaning of low voltage?
Corsair Memory XMS3 8GB DDR3 1333 Mhz CAS 9 Dual Channel Desktop 30.96p

To me they are all the same - only price is different - so probably choosing the cheapest are best option?
Ok..Whats the difference in cc/non cc/buffer and etc..


I have read quite a lot about those new ssd drives( well if we consider few years being new) so I made up my mind> I want ssd :) I had enough with normal hdd - the last two just broke.. Lets try one. Do not worry I will buya hdd later on for extra space.. But this ssd is mainly focused on OS and programs and game 1 or 2.
Planning to buy the 60gb price around 60-80p.. Now can somebody explain me between the ssd prices? I do know that best ssd comes with SATA 6gb/s and write/read speed up to 500+ . But do I really need that much? perhaps 200mb/s+ are more than enough for casual game player? Anddd if I buy an ssd with 6gb/s than the motherboard will have to have a 6gb/s plug as well - and then the price goes up.. So Conclusion - I want to buy the cheapest SSD possible around 60 gb space with maximum read/write speed for 3gb/s PLUG. (64.32p)

Prefer cheap but not little and not bad for my eyes T_T... is such combination even possible?
price around 60-80p
Dont know why but im spoiled with the big screens.. I dont want the 17/19" , but the 21.5"and bigger are quite expensive..:/ Please help me to choose.
LG E1951S 18.5" Widescreen LED Monitor - Glossy Black [E1951S] (69.59p)
Acer V193HQVb 18.5inch 5ms WideScreen Black TFT Monitor - ET.XV3HE.B06 (62.99p)
TopView A1981 19inch 8000:1 5ms Piano Black Widescreen TFT Monitor - TMA1981WXV-G18R (68.99p)
Acer V223HQV 21.5inch 5ms Dsub LCD Widescreen Black TFT Monitor - ET.WV3HE.017 (77.99p)
AOC 931Swl 19" wide TFT Screen (5ms) (55.90p)

Seems the cheapest ones are AOC.. Anyone knows smthg about them?

power supply : As I want to save some money..I'll grab the case with installed PSU about 500W but because I didnt knew what PSU are needed..instead i might consider buying separetly...unless some1 helps me to find a proper case with PSU ...
Now may I ask are this PSU's good enough for my build? I mean for graphic card like geforce 550 ti?
some list:
OcUK Imp MicroATX Tower Case (500w PSU) (26.99p)
OcUK Swift 550W V2 Silent Power Supply 20.99p
OcUK Swift 650W V2 Silent Power Supply 26.99p
ACE 600Watt Black ATX PSU with 12cm Red Fan & PFC, Retail Box - PSUACE600BR 14.99p
Alpine 600Watt PSU 120mm Red Fan, Retail - ALPINE-600W 14.5op
CIT 600Watt Silent 12cm Black Dual 12v rails, Retail Boxed - PSUCIT600UB 22.5p
CIT 550W Black Edition PSU 12cm Dual 12v CE PFC, Retail Boxed - PSUCIT550UB 20.99p
CIT 650Watt Black Edition 120mm Dual 12v Power Supply, Retail Boxed - PSUCIT650UB 25.99p

Sorry guys But I have absolute no idea what power supply to choose..all I know I need around 500-600W..

Mouse/Keyboard.lets kick them ouf my budget. I think I will know what too choose here:D

Well thats about it..Hope I will get a lot of reasonable criticism.
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