What is the best z77 1155 Motherboard for around $120.00?

What is the best z77 1155 Motherboard for around $120.00?

I want to pair it to my 3750k my asrock board failed after 2 weeks.
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  1. Well after that ordeal Im assuming your trying to avoid ASRock. lol I'm purchasing an i7 3770K within the week so this is the board I'm buying.
    This is what I'm buying:

    But if you want to avoid ASRock, here's a second alternative I would consider if my ASRock fails (about $30 over your price range but it is after all Z77 so you gotta spend a bit more than what you anticipate:

    Hope this helps!!! ^_^
  2. That's the asrock board that died on me.I was really upset after the build had gone so smooth.
  3. Well thats unlucky. :/ Might have been an unlucky board cuz the reviews on this thing are all 5 stars. But i would consider spending a few extra bucks and check out Gigabyte and ASUS boards. MSI is a good brand as well. I have had no issues with MSI when it comes to AMD processors but I don't know what they are like with Intel. Here are some boards you may want to look into.


    (Or G45 Board)

    ASUS(Over price Limit but it works great, my friend has it combined with a 3770K):
  4. I think i will go with ASUS that's what my AMD board is.I'll just save a little more money and get an ASUS FOR AROUND $200.00.
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