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Hey all,

I have a Linksys WRT610N. I'm connected to it via wired, not wireless. The wireless is very strong, but I am about as far from it as you can possibly get so I prefer wired. I used to have an older Linksys router, and I would hook up a hub in my room to my Xbox, Laptop and Desktop all simultaneously. I want to do that with this router too, but my hub doesn't seem to be compatible with it. It could be broken, but I highly doubt it. It's an Asante FriendlyNet 5-port hub model FH10T5. Any help would be appreciated, simplest and cheapest solutions preferred ;)
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  1. make sure you us the Uplink port to connect the HUB the Linksys. Also do not use port next to it.

    If this did not help, you should get a SWITCH like a Netgear GS108.
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