New Build not showing display. Need help!!

Hi all, recently I have just built a new computer. It's the first one I've built so it's relatively low-end and I'll list the specs below. After putting it all together it was running fine, then today I went to update windows 7 64-bit and it asked me to restart the computer to install the updates so I did and when it rebooted there was no display. It was working fine for the first couple of days that I have had it. I have went through troubleshooting and steps on this site for first time builds and everything checks out. When I plug it in and turn it on it gives a short beep as if it is posting but no display. I can even hear windows loading if I plug in the speaker.

I have taken the gpu out and put it back in, I have reset CMOS, I have unplugged/replugged all the cables. The fans work and everything else seems to be fine.

computer specs:
biostar n68s3+
amd athlon ii x3 rana
4gig ddr3 (one stick)
ecs gt 440 1gig ddr5
seagate 500 barracuda
lg 48x dvd/cd combo
rosewill r103a case w/350 watt psu
windows 7 64

I have HDMI display running from the gpu to a viore 22 in. lcd monitor. This is the only desktop pc I have and no other spare parts to try out lying around.
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  1. well after a few hours I tried it again and now it will boot into windows and everything is normal. I installed the latest video driver for my card and I don't know if this will fix it we'll see.
  2. the problem is not fixed. after it worked and I had it on all day yesterday w/o any problems I woke up today and tried to turn it on and NO DISPLAY. once again I can hear windows loading in the background.

    I don't know what the problem is and could use anybodies help. PSU seems to be within spec of the pc's requirements although I am planning on replacing this rosewill stock with something better down the line.

    Does anybody know if this could be the PSU or is it something else. Help would be appreciated!!

    When I take the cmos batter out for five minutes it will boot and display with no problems, but when I try to reboot I get no display but I can hear it booting windows in the background.
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