Two 4GB sticks and two 8GB sticks??? Please help

I have G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 DDR3 RAM for my desktop. When I was building my PC I accidently ordered one 8GB stick instead of two 4GB sticks. I was unable to return the 8GB stick and now I'm stuck with it. My question is this: is there anything wrong with having two 4GB sticks in one channel and two 8GB sticks in the other? Its the exact same RAM with the exact same timings- the only thing that's different is amount of RAM in each channel. Any help would be appreciated.

Also- if this does not cause any issues whatsoever, is there a logical reason for having 24 GB's of RAM? I currently have the two 4GB sticks installed and the one 8GB stick is sitting in my closet still new in the box.

Also- I am willing to sell the single 8GB stick to anyone interested because I really have no use for it without spending another $55 on another 8 GB stick just to run a ridiculous amount of RAM in my gaming rig that will probably never get used.

Thank you.
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  1. There won't be a problem with that setup. Also the 8 gB stick will make your system run at single channel. I assume your motherboard does not support triple channel so if you put three cards your system will run at single channel.
  2. First, If you are runing Win 7 Premium, It will only recognize up to 16 gigs - Higher end win 7, No problem.

    Not much use currently for more than 8 gigs, but in time I'm sure 16 gigs will be optium - LOL. Myself I have 16 gigs.

    W/24 gigs you could play arround withe a 8 -> 12 gig ram drive, Makes a SSD look slow. Ramdrive about 10 times faster than a SSD.
    Free version (upto a 4 gig ramdisk):
  3. If you buy 2 4GB sticks you'll probably use up the all the slots in the motherboard and have no expansion possibilities. Technology keeps on getting better and better very quickly, like only 5 years ago 2GB was sufficient for most applications.
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