600$ gaming build help

Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP

Budget Range: 600$

System Usage from Most to Least Important: (Gaming only use)

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: (All )

Country: (USA) we need to know where these parts are being assembled

Parts Preferences: by brand or type (No preference, )

Overclocking: Possibly, if only necessary though

SLI or Crossfire: ??

Monitor Resolution: (1080p have a 24in samsung on its way)

Additional Comments:

This is what i was planning on doing.. but including shipping it ends being 694$


Id like to keep it to AS close as 600$ as possible. Already spent more then i planned too.. Hows that build.. could i do better for that (700$ including shipping) And would a build at 600$ be better.

There was only other build i was looking at but it didnt include a hardrive and all i have is a 80 gig
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  1. I wouldn't bother with that CPU unless you plan to overclock. It overclocks well but other than that it's pretty mediocre. Other than that it looks OK depending on what you want to play.
  2. May want to check out Tom's Hardware System Builder Marathon.


    They have a $519 build on there. That plus a copy of Windows 7 should put you at about $600
  3. thanks for ill prolly go for teh 519$ build then be jst over barly over 600... Any other input for best for value/ going to purchase tommarow
  4. The Intel Core I-3s are a good substitute also for the AMD Chips. You could probably make a Core I-3 build for roughly the same price.
  5. i3 will be better in most games but the HDD prices are up to 300% of what they normally are.
  6. Id like to purchase today.. ANy final comments..

    Both are roughly the same price for both builds.. (each end up being just under 700 with shipping+os)

    Or anything id should edit?



    EDit what about this build.... I could get a cheaper case/ and or power supply.. And then toss in a hardrive and there all pretty equal in prices..

  7. im getting a similar build to yours and i was wondering if that PSU would really be sufficient for that 6870? i have been searching for a lot but the ones i want are 500-600 wats for 60-80 bucks

    if i follow your build i will be saving around 100 but than it doesnt seem like its future proof or is it? this will be my first build so just have lots of questions

    i would be happy with your computer right now but i MIGHT want to upgrade in the future and in order to due so i picked parts that were top of the line for the price range
  8. This is a decent build : http://gamingrig.blogspot.com/2011/12/600-gaming-pc-december-2011.html

    Just don't buy the OS and use Linux.
  9. i dont want to hijack your thread but here is my build you might like it

    it allows for upgrades later on but i dont really think i will i just wanted to play it safe

    power color 6870 = 160 (will have 20 dollar rebate so 140)
    i3 2100 = 99
    asrock z68 ex3 = 124(114 after rebate)
    haf 912 = 60
    hdd = some 70 dollar one
    dvd = some 20 dollar one
    OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W = 64 (40 after rebate wow on amazon)
    ram 8gb (2x4gb) g.skill = 30
    comes out to be around 646 + with tax/shipping and 591 after rebates

    i think its a great deal!!all the builds around the same budget and idea used cheaper mobos and case but i just took a dive and took reputable parts hope you take a look at this n hope it helps

    edit: sorry ididnt see you need 100 for w7 i can see why you went on a cheaper mobo, but for the psu i would recommend the one i buy its cheaper and better, also try the power color 6870 because the rebate
  10. alright im making the purchase in about 10 minutes.. gonan go with the 64$ power spply i guess.. Still havnt really decided what build to go with.. But from ur input its looking like toms hardwares build or the gaming rig build
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