Upgrading a ATI Radeon HD 5450 card

Hi all,

As the title suggests I am looking to upgrade the card in my computer from the 1gb ATI Radeon HD 5450, since it seems to be struggling to cope with modern game requirements. I bought my computer a year ago and the other spec's are:

Processor: AMD Pheonom II X4 2.8GHz

It's a Dell PC (Inspiron 570 model) and if someone can tell me how to find out, I'll gladly let you know what the motherboard is!

Basically, I've noticed some serious lag on the more modern games, even ones which don't require a high spec system to run or are a bit old now. Deus Ex 3, for example, lagged on standard settings and barely moved at all at the correct screen resolution for my monitor (1920 x 1080). I wouldn't want to spend more than about £75, if possible. I just to give my PC a bit of a boost to cope with the newer games that are coming out without lagging up and being able to play them on higher than minimum settings.

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  1. Not for 75 pounds i'm afraid. Cheapest worthwile upgrade would be a bit more. You'll have to look at a gtx460/560, HD 6850/70 imo.
    Maybe a 6670 or a 5770 but they're still more then 75 pounds ( and why can't i find the pounds key on my keyboard ? )
    Also important to know your psu.
  2. Thanks for your help.

    My psu is 300watt, so I will need to upgrade it to get one the cards you've suggested. Any suggestions as to what psu would be good/worth avoiding for a 5770? Or would it be worth paying the bit more again to get a 6850/70 for a more long term investment kind of thing?
  3. The 6670 would run on a good 300W psu, 5770 and the others not. 460/560 6850/6870 would be a better long term investment, though the 5770 is a very good card also.
    Good psu's ; 500W minimal, Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX.
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