Will my motherboard work with these components?

So, I have this crappy desktop:
Acer Aspire AX1420G-U5832

Here's the link for the specs:

First, for my upgrade, obviously I'm going to get a new case to have more room.

I found this case with a 450w power supply which will work really well.


Now for the final, I'm going to use a Gtx 560 for the graphics card. (Sorry no link of exact model)

Well, for more info about it:
Elitegroup Geforce Gtx 560 se 1gb GDDR5 192bit PCI EXPRESS 2

Can you guys please give me advice? And if something is wrong, please tell me.
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  1. I know that's true, but you didn't answer my question. I don't want to pay an extra 50 bucks. Right now the case w/ the 450 w psu will only cost me $43!!!
  2. it should all work, but I don't think you should half-ass a build
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