New Upgradable Build for ~700

Amount is flexible but I'm trying to make it reasonable. I'll be purchasing most components before Christmas preferably, but I can wait until mid Jan (for a good hdd for instance, which I understand are expensive now). I'd like it to be good for gaming now and upgradable. I also want it to be good/snappy for day to day productivity but I assume this will come along with any decent gaming setup. I will be using this with a 24in 1920x1200 monitor, and will probably hook it up to a 20in 1680x1050 also. Feel free to rip the build apart I'm throwing this together and don't know a ton about what I'm doing. Here are the components I have picked out right now..
Case: Antec Three Hundred. I don't see any need to get anything fancy, but inform me if i'm missing something.
Processor: i3-2120. I'd like to stick with intel for upgradability down the line. This is cheap and should serve my purposes right?
Motherboard: ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 Z68. I realize this is far beyond what I need currently, but I figure down the line I can upgrade to an Ivey Bridge cpu or a 2500k and overclock, plus I will likely stick in another 6870 in a year or so and crossfire, or I can upgrade to a PCI 3.0 gpu. Also, could overclock in the future if I upgrade to a 2500k or something. Too much?
Video Card: Powercolor 6870. Looks like this can do a lot for now. I'm a bit concerned with the issues I hear about microstuttering and such as I am planning on putting in another 6870 down the line and using crossfirex.
Ram: 8gb of Ripjaw. Cheap, good reviews.

That's what I have picked out so far. I plan on getting a ~60gb SSD for the OS/programs drive and then a larger (750gb or so) HD for games/storage (recommendations for these welcome). Also, can anyone recommend a compatible good/affordable powersupply that would permit me to run the planned crossfire/ivey bridge upgrades down the line? I understand about 750W is what I'm looking at. Anything I'm missing? Overall thoughts/suggestions?

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