RAM (3 different speed RAMs DDR2)

Hi !

I have 3 different speed RAM modules DDR2 3x1GB Motherboard ASUS P5W DH Deluxe ( 4 RAM slots )
Win7 x64. I am not good with these RAM things.. I tried everything I know to make it working.. but unsuccessfuly.. so I decided share my problem with you guys, if you can help me :)

so.. I Have bought 3 RAM modules 1GB each.. 2 Kingstone work together good but when I put samsung (1GB 1Rx8 PC2-6400U-666-12-ZZ)

computer won't boot. Computer show first screen but when i press Del Computer freeze, so I can not go in BIOS or else where.. Some times Computer freeze on Starting Windows screen, sometime i can not here beep sound of power up.. I tried to change RAM slots but unsuccessfuly. I realy don not know where is the problem..

I tried to put Samsung RAM alone. Computer somehow turn on.. but it freeze on desktop screen.. I do not know what to do if you know solution please share it with me :)
I am sorry for my bad English :sarcastic: I am trying to make this working for more than 7 Hours :sleep: .. Thanks anyway

here is photos of these 2 ( whicih i can use right now )

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  1. The Samsung one is bad RAM, that is why is does freeze your PC. you can't fix this bad RAM.
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