What should i do next?

Hi, just looking for some other peoples opinions on what i should save to upgrade to next. Hoping to stay up to date with the ever increasing demands in games. Computer hardware should be in my sig.

thanks in advance.
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  1. You didn't include your sig :P
  2. oops sorry that should be it...
  3. I like a modest poster.
    As a poor builder (that's cash poor, not lacking in technical skills), what's wrong with your system?
    Where do you feel the lack of performance?
    I recommend a Delia cookbook. Bake some some muffins and see if you still need to upgrade.
    Blueberry would be good.
  4. You're pretty balanced at the moment, which is great for your current performance but bad for your upgrade prospects.
    You'd basically have to upgrade both your CPU and GPU to see improvements. You'd probably be OK with a 570 on your current CPU, but that wouldn't be much of an improvement.
    OC your CPU and GPU, if you haven't already, but you'd have to drop something like $750 or $800 to really see an improvement. That'd be an FX, a 550- or 600W PSU and a 580.
    ^+1 muffins.
  5. well the things that lack from the system so far is i'd love to be able to overclock one day and set up some sli maybe tri or quad. Tbh most of my upgrades will happen in summer time due to the fact im studying most other times of the year.

    I'm happy with the card just now but i'd love to push 50fps with max settings in skyrim and stay future proof.
  6. i know what you mean i was looking at future proofing my PSU with a corsair modular 1200w because i know i'll need to upgrade that to go any further or am i wrong?

    Muffins is definetly an idea though.
  7. If it were me, i would sell the CPU/Motherboard combo and go with an Intel setup. AMD's latest Bulldozer release did not impress. Go for a 2500k and OC it to 4.5+ and you'll be smooth sailing from there.
  8. I take it that's a NO on the muffins? With really good coffee?


    Bin: CPU, Mobo, and PSU

    1200w is WAY too much at the moment. 850w tops (quality brand). You need some headroom but also get it in the efficient zone.

    GPU gives ULTRA according to http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:System_Requirements

    You have nowhere to go with current but it will get you v. high in Skyrim. See this article:

    Go i5-2500k and Z68 mobo (will OC and SLI/Xfire depending on model). This will last you a few years with GPU upgrade in a year or two.
  9. Switching to intel always seemed expensive when first building but its actually cheaper than buying a new amd mobo and processor so that's defiently a good idea. Does pci-e 3.0 pose a threat, like should i be looking out for a pci-e 3.0 motherboard if i upgrade now?
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