Passive 6770's in Xfire?

I was browsing around newegg like I tend to do and I came across this passively cooled graphics card.

Do you guys think that with a well ventilated system (not spectacular but better than average) you could actually pull two of these off in Crossfire? While the frames per dollar isn't great, i've grown really annoyed by my IceQ4+ 4870 being so loud and I just wanted to know if it's plausible to run two passive cards. What do you guys think?
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  1. You would have to have great case airflow otherwise the top card is going to suffer cooling wise.
  2. If there is room between the cards, stick a silent 120mm fan on that heatsink. That's what I did with my 6850 (took of its plastic shroud/fan and put a case fan on it) and the cooling is much more effective than stock.
  3. Well yeah but if you're going to stick a quiet fan there, I'm guessing you might as well mix and match one passive card and one quiet card with a fan right?
  4. If your case has a side fan mount, you could use it and blow air directly into the cards with a fan.
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