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I'm trying to push my device a new ROM from memory on my compy. My tech support trainer was explaining that I can upload the rom from a local (LAN) unix box over wifi to the internet and download (or upload) the new update to my windows machine so that I'm running the latest version. I want to be on Ice Cream Sandwhich.

Two questions;

1) What kind of computer do I need to do this?
2) What kind of ROM should I download from the net?

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  1. You are not actually updating Windows 7, you are talking about updating an Android-based phone correct?

    First, check with your device support to make sure it will run the new operating system. If it does, you should be able to get the update file from the vendor or service provider. No clue what this whole unix box to wifi process is about though.

    Any computer with a USB port that runs a supported OS for the phone sync software will do.
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