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Hello, I am having an issue with replacing my Nvidia 9500gt with an HD6670. I've done everything from uninstalling all Nvidia drivers to running driver cleaner software but nothing seems to work. I upgraded my Pavilion's PSU to a 500w Antec, so power should not be the issue. When I start my computer up, I am seeing some vertical lines and my screen will flash twice with a 'matrix' like screen. Then when Windows loads, I install the drivers for the new card and reboot. Windows will not load except in safe mode after the drivers have been installed. If I attempt to load windows normally, I get a blue screen telling me there could be an error with hardware. I know the video card is fine because I had my roommate try it on his system. If I put my old 9500gt in, it works just fine after installing the old drivers again. I was thinking of reformatting, but I thought I would ask here first. Any ideas?
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  1. There might be an incompatibility thing here between a version 2.1 card and a older version 1.x slot on the motherboard.
  2. I'm not entirely ignorant when it comes to computers, but I'm far from an expert. My motherboard type is a6110n if that helps. If the issue is that the 6670 is not compatible with my motherboard, can anyone recommend some video cards that would work? Obviously nothing too fancy as my older system will bottleneck.
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    First thing you can check is if there is a bios update for your system
    It does have a version 1.x slot so it looks like it might be the incompatibility issue. A GTS450 for a good price after MIR is more powerful or a GT440 little less powerful
    There have not been any reports of issues with 2.0 cards only 2.1 which most of the new AMD's are.
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  5. Awesome. Thanks man. The GTS450 is actually what I was thinking about picking up after returning the 6670.
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