$1000 upgrade [customize my pc!]

Hello fellow builders! I am going to upgrade my system this winter and was looking for some opinions on some parts.
I have $1000 to spend and i don't need a PSU or a dvd drive. I *could* use a new case but isn't that needed.

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  1. Are you upgrading, or are you building a totally new system with an old PSU and DVD drive? If you're upgrading, we'll need all your specs; if you're just salvaging those parts, we'll still need to know the PSU model.
  2. Okay, well i have already bought the PSU. Here is the model : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153136

    And the dvd drive i'm not sure what brand it is its from my old desktop but still works well. It will be a totally new system with a new OS hard drive etc etc..

  3. Case: Choose one you like
    CPU: i5 2500k (~$225)
    Mobo: ASRock z68 Extreme3 Gen3 (~$125)
    Cooler: Hyper 212+ (~$26) or Hyper 212 EVO (~$35)
    RAM: Corsair Veng Low Profile DDR3 1600mhz (~$50)
    GPU: HIS HD 6870 (~$190) or EVGA GTX 560 Ti (~$250)
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM or Samsung F3 Spinpoint 1TB 7200 RPM (~$140)
    PSU: Already Owned (will be able to support SLI/CF for the two GPUs i stated)
    ROM: Already owned (if you want a new one it will only cost about $20)
    OS: Win7 (~$100)

    To help with GPUs if you want to upgrade it more you can look at this benchmark:
  4. go with a 6950 2gb instead of the 560 ti.. imo
  5. ^ why?
    u don't even know dudes resolution ... and what if all he does is plays Civ V ?
    go for 560 Ti 448
  6. since he hasnt given us all the info we needed we can only come up with suggested builds of what is most balanced. I was thinking of the GTX 565 (yes thats what Im going to call it screw all those numbers :p) but if he wants to SLI in the future it would probably be too difficult to get it
  7. True but oced I don't think ull need to sli. Just upgrade to gtx 666 :-)
  8. I am running a 1080p monitor at 120hz. And i forgot to say i have a after market cooler buuut it doesn't support LGA 1155. :( It's the thermaltake frio. Also i was planning on using an SSD for a boot drive + some games. Newegg has a deal on the corsair GT 60gb for ~$110. The games im planning on playing are battlefeild 3 and COD and of course MINECRAFT!
  9. Too bad that's a nice cooler
  10. Yeah... well i have thought about going for AMD and getting the 1090t cause then my cooler would work with it. And i would save some cash! and maybe then i could get dual 560's or 6850/70's. Also why buy the 6870 when you can buy the 6850 aand OC it to a 6870's specs?!?.
  11. What's your overall budget? That's what matters here.
    Heatsinks are so cheap ($25 for a decent one) that they should have no impact on your CPU choice.
  12. 2500K's definitely worth it at that price point.
    Those will all work well, but they're pretty expensive. Practically all cases over $60 will work fine, and many under that will too. Just choose by stylistic preference.
  13. Okay, so i was thinking of this set up.

    CPU : i5 2500k

    Motherboard : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157265

    RAM : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233186

    SSD : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233193

    OS : windows 7 home 64bit

    GPU : 6850/70 or a gtx560 ti

    Case :I'll decide later.

    BloXx99 :sol:
  14. Do u have micro center close by
  15. No i'm from Wisconsin. :D unless i can order one online?
  16. Some Microcenter items will ship, and a few will not.
  17. I dont even know what micro center is. o.o
  18. Is Zotac a good GPU brand? Also what would be faster a GTX560 ti or a 6950?
  19. They're very close. Nvidia often has better drivers, so that's the way I'd go, but if you can get a deal on a 6950, go for it.
  20. NCIX has some good deals on a 6950 for like $250. I'll look into the gtx560 ti.
  21. The MSI Twin Frozr 560 Ti is $220 after rebate.
  22. O.O must buy.. but will it play Battlefield 3 on ultra/high?
  23. Ultra, definitely not. High, yes, I think so, with maybe some settings on medium. You need 580 SLI to max(60fps) on Ultra. BF3 is crazy demanding. http://mygaming.co.za/news/news/14230-dice-bf3-recommended-specs-not-even-close-to-ultra.html
  24. Ive been hearing that a 6950 clocked at a 6970 will run BF3 on ultra. but then again i can live with out *ultra*. :P
  25. It'll "run" it at 40 fps, maybe, but IMO it's worth having lower settings on to get a fairly consistent 60fps. Ultra includes AA etc.
  26. Ahh i see. ill just go with the gtx560 for $220.
  27. it's ok .. also for that price range I would recommend going with HD6870
    if u can bump it up a little more - 560Ti
  28. they are nice too and u have a chance to unlock it to 6970 ..
    some games optimized for nvidia rather then ATI
    out of those 3 Sapphire would be the best choice
  29. 560 Ti's just about the same. Get whichever's cheaper.
  30. I would change the motherboard to a Z68 type of the same price, since the Z68 is a combination of the P67 and H67 why not plus with the ability to easily hookup a SSD is a bonus as well.
  31. Okay ill look at some z69 mobo's later today. gotta work =l
  32. ^Wrong on the SSD, unfortunately. Intel's SSD caching just doesn't work very well.
    It's better to manage your own data, putting media on the HDD and apps on the SSD.
    It's just as easy to use an SSD as a normal drive on P67 as it is on Z68.
    All that said, ASRock's Z68 Extreme3 is $125, which is pretty sweet.
  33. Wait... so dont get p67 or does it matter!?!?!?!? I'm confused.
  34. It doesn't really matter. I'd personally go with the Z68 Extreme3 just because it's cheaper.
  35. Asrock z68 is weak board
  36. Evidence, please.
  37. Look on hardocp for review. It's a poor ocer with only 4 phases, poor layout and only 1 year warranty
  38. Hm. They hate the Extreme4. I suppose it would be reasonable to expect the Extreme3 to be worse. OK then.
  39. What about the 1090t?
  40. No 2500k is better
  41. Yep.
  42. Okay. So is it a "no" on the asrock board? should i get the board in stead? : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131759

    Or this :

  43. I got the gigabyte board because it had good reviews :). If you're looking for a micro-atx board, however, I don't believe it will work for you ;) (unless you mistakenly linked an Asus micro-atx)
  44. from those two go for Gigabyte
    but ultimately Asus P8Z68-V pro/gen3
  45. Okay thanks ill post a full list of all my parts and see what you guys think. [cant right now in school ;) ]
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