Asus Rampage 4 Extreme no power?

I just built a new computer. Here are the specs:

Asus Rampage 4 Extreme

i7 3930K ( Stock)

GTX 690 ( stock)

Heatsink Fan for Aircooling

Samsung 840 Pro SSD

3 additional HDD

64 GB DDR 3 Ram


My question is, my motherboard arrived 2 days ago and everything was working fine. I then re started the board today and after windows 'shutdown' prior to the re start, it simply did not turn back on.

I have tried:

1) Removing the memory and leaving only 1 slot in in the preffered slot

2) Clearing CMOS through the button at the back as well as removing and putting the battery back in

3) Updating the Bios

Nothing seems to be working . The computer seems to have power as the start and reset button are glowing, also one of my memory card drives has its power indicator at green.

It seems like everything is plugged in right and yet the motherboard will not start it simple shows power on the start and reset switches.

Any Help and advice will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What is your ram configuration ? 16-16-16-16 ? It often gives problem with the maximum. Try with 3 sticks on. And I hope you mistyped about the PSU being 100W.....
  2. Hi, It looks like a power issue. If you have a spare power supply connect it and test. There's also a paperclip test. See if the fans spin when shorting the green and black wires.
  3. I think he miss another zero after 100, its 1000w. I also think its the psu. Try with another psu.
  4. thank you all very much! my bad it was 430 am and i had a rough night banging my head on a wall with the board haha.

    It is indeed 1000 W and also i was under the assumption the PSU was fine only because all the lights turn on as well as lights on the memory card adaptor i have plugged into the board. Unfortunately i dont have an extra PSU.

    I looked at a lot of reviews and everyone tends to think Asus has done a crappy job with quality control on this model and so i was thinking of replacing it.

    I called ASUS and they were under the impression that the board was faulty because re setting the CMOS did nothing.

    I am considering switching to

    does anyone have any opinions there as well?

    Thank you all very much for taking the time out to help me!! Much appreciated!!
  5. Then can you check your psu on another system? It will make clear idea of faulty psu and bad mobo.
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