6870 or Overclocked 6850?

I'm looking at buying a new rig and trying to decide if I should get a XFX 6870, or save some dollars and get the ASUS 6850.
The ASUS 6850 is a dual fan design so would it be a good overclocker? If it does would it be as good as the 6870?
Also, is 8GB RAM over the top?

Here's the rest of my rig that I'm looking at:
AMD Phenom X4 955BE (Will be overclocked)
Corsair XMS3 8 GB RAM
Asus M4N68T-M V2 Motherboard
Aywun 550W Power Supply (Already have it)

All the other stuff I've got

If you need any other information just ask

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  1. For the GPUs, I would grab the hd6870 if you can. The RAM, 8gb is what you want now, 4gb should be minimum. that won't be a good overclocking motherboard. Also, I wouldn't trust that PSU with any overclocking let alone a system with an aftermarket GPU like that. If I were you, I would look into a new motherboard and PSU. The rest looks great. If you couldn't change the motherboard, I would at least look into a new PSU.
  2. Yea, I'll be using 1080p
    My current rig is Intel e2180 overclocked to 3.2Ghz and a 9800gtx
    Wouldnt my current set up use more power? Not to sure though
    I'll also look into a different motherboard. What would you suggest?

    Thanks for the quick replies
  3. Would a GIGABYTE GA-M68MT-S2P motherboard be good for overclocking?
  4. your power supply sounds sketch without looking it up....

    secondly if everything else is in line id def go for a gtx 560 or 6870 over a 6850

    in the end your psu may be fine but if your rig craps out you know the culprit
  5. Ditch that motherboard I just said. Doesn't support ddr3 1333
    Does anyone have suggestion for a rig under $400. Just need CPU, RAM, motherboard and graphics card. I know it isn't much of a budget lol
  6. 6850 has more overclocking headroom cause it's the same gpu with lower clocks and some stream processor disabled. my sapphire hd 6850 easily passes a 6870 at 850/1171 (i can reach 970mhz but the bottleneck on this card is memory clock).
    get a 700w psu so you can add a card latter.
  7. aywun power supplies are cheap rubbish, it will probably blow up. It may be ok with the 6850 if you dont overclock anything. but, if its already running a 9800gtx ok, the 6850 wouldnt use more power than that,. But the phenom x4 will use more power than your core 2.
  8. ^yeah that's basically what I was implying; that the psu is crap might as well get a decent psu and a 6870 or something of the likelihood, it will be worth it to save 1 more paycheck in order to make the proper purchase especially if you plan on oc'ing
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