Which motherboard should I get?

I need advice from you all expert out there about the recommendation of motherboard should I get for Core i5 3470?
Here is my choice (Asus Brand Only):
1. Asus P8Z77-M Z77
2. Asus P8H77-M LE
3. Asus P8B75-M LX
May I know is there any significant performance between the B, H and Z intel chipset?
This computer will last me for couple of years and will go for new one again after that.
This computer also just needed for occasional gaming such as Warcraft, a bit of video editing, photoshop and mostly for HTPC purpose.
By the way this computer will be ON for 24/7 for downloading purpose.

Thank you for everyone advice.
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  1. For that i5-3470 cpu, not need to get z77 chip mobo. H77/B75 is enough. Z represent overclocking, H represent no overclocking and B represent business class.

    As you have a non-K edition processor, which is overclockable via multi, no need to get z77. Get H77 suffice for you. Also its supports RAID which is n/a in B75. You may need to raid setup for higher data transfer as you do video editing and downloading. So H77 is the choice.
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