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Hello, recently I've had troubles booting up my PC ( i5 3570k, z77 ud3h, msi 7870 tf3, corsair vengeance 1600mhz 2x4gb, silverstone 750w 80+ silver, intel 330 180gb, seagate barracuda 1tb ).
I'll tell you the whole story.
My old HDD (seagate barracuda 1tb) broke and it felt like it messed up the bios somehow, I have win7 installed on my ssd btw. The problem was that it took about 10 sec before the bios "screen" went away, not like 0.5 sec as it used to do. It was like this for about a week and then it went back to normal (it continued to boot more slowly even after I swapped the hdd to a new one, which I did the same day it broke). Anyways, after the boot screen went back to normal, everything was fine and dandy until I started having problems with booting. Now when I try to start the computer it simply won't even start when I press the button (no, I haven't wired anything wrong) and I have to remove the power cable and put it back after ~5 seconds. Then it boots, but it shuts down after showing a weird boot screen (the splash art doesn't show but it says some along these lines "gigabyte UEFI dual bios") and then it tries to boot again and the same thing happens over and over again. I can get it to boot properly, but then I have to remove the power cable again and wait 5 seconds and put it back. Then it usually boot normally.
I've also read about the p67 ud3h and p68 ud3h having some kind of "cold start" problem, and that is described pretty much the same as my problem but I haven't seen anyone with the same problem as I have on a z77 board.
Sorry for the wall of text but I hope you can help me with this issue of mine.
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  1. I would see if it a bios bug.I would use the clear the cmos jumper and clear the cmos and see if anything changes. if the mb act normal again..i would check to see if the bios is at the newest rev. (f18). could be a bios bug.
  2. Alright, I'll try that, will come back with results tomorrow.
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