What's the best/most stable Budget AMD A3+ Motherboard to Overclock

I am looking to upgrade my 790i Ultra SLI mobo. I have an E8500 intel core 2 duo overclocked from 3.16 to a modest 3.8ghz.

Do to a limited budget I decided to give AMD a try as they have better low/mid range priced items. I am looking for a new mobo with the AM3+ which I assume is the newest socket? Preferably one that won't give me the trouble of my 790i Ultra. And a matching CPU or some cpu choices.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am trying to decide whether to get a Google Nexus Tablet or upgrade my aging PC build. If I can upgrade the mobo/cpu for around $250 total with wiggle room and get a decent improvement I will go that route otherwise I'll just wait until I have a bigger budget.
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  1. Get a ASRock 970 extreme 3 motherboard $80
    processor AMD FX8350 $200
    The processor is one of the best so try to extend your budget upto $280
    There are $50 motherboards also available but they are micro ATX, which means it is a smaller motherboard with less upgrade option.
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