Computer restarts after during playing game

I can play Crysis on max settings for hours.No problem.I can play any game on max with no problem.Except for Bad Company 2 which looks nowhere near as good as the others.I have a 2GB OC 6970 by power color ga-770t-usb3 Gigabyte Mobo.8 GB of ram.Anthlon II 645 processor.
It gets to around 77C.Then the computer restarts not to long after that.I know for sure the fans on the GPU are working.All my fans are working.This is the only game I ever see it over 75C.But i have read online that people have it up in 80-85 all the time.What may cuse my problem.
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  1. 77'C is when you're gaming, right? It could be higher than that before your computer restart...
    What is your PSU? brand? model?
  2. Yea 77c when I'm gaming.PSU is XFX 750 W.Not sure what model.
  3. about restarting, do that always happened when you play games or just on BC2?
    Your PSU is good. Do you have the latest driver installed for your GPU?
  4. Just bc2.Yea I have the 11.9 driver from AMD.
  5. If it happen on bc2 only then you have issue with the game, not hardware...
    Isn't any updates or patch or somekind for that game?
  6. I have bought 2 seperate copies of the game and it does it on both
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