Safe CPU and GPU temps for a gaming laptop

Hey guys and girls I want to ask a question about my gaming machine. I own a Sager NP8150
CPU (I7 2630qm) stock clocks
GPU (AMD 6970M) Stock clocks
4 G ram
Dual fans
IC thermal compound

I want to know what are safe recommended temps for my machine to be running at while resting and under load?? For both CPU and GPU. Thanks
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  1. For both CPU and GPU I would recommend 40C while idle and no more than 85C under load. Heat is the main reason why gaming laptop die and high performing laptops generally produces a lot of heat.

    I would recommend a laptop cooler to help lower temps. However, a laptop cooler effectiveness depends on the design of the laptop chassis. Based on my experience with the Lenovo IdeaPad Y470, the chassis is not designed very well at all for laptop coolers. I have a Coolmaster laptop cooler which allows me to strategically move the two fans around the cooler itself depending on where the air vents are on the laptop. Even placing the fans under the Y470's vents, the temperature did not drop.
  2. I think the safe temps are not above 60'C, so what is your current temps for both CPU and GPU?
  3. Thanks for the reply bro. I just wanted to make sure things are not getting to hot. My CPU durning BF3 beta and also BFBC2 are around 60c'- 67c and the GPU temp was 70c - 77c. So these temps are safe and ok right???? Thanks again man.
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    Your temperature is good for a laptop.
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  6. Thanks bro. Yea I dont maybe ok temps. I wanted to make sure that they are good for a gaming rig......and from all the reading I have done these are really good temps. I have heard people saying that CPU under 80 is good, and GPU under 90c is good. So I am in good shape! =)
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