Mobo Cpu Combo?

Hi, I am buidling a gaming system for a friend and have this question of which mobo-cpu combination to use.

i7 Ivy Bridge 3770 & Asus P8 Z77 - V LX or

i5 Ivy Bridge 3570 & Asus P8 Z77- V

Both come to about the same price but am I better off with a better Cpu or better motherboard. The only difference I can see between the 2 motherboards is the LX doesnt have built in wifi which is not a requirement.

Not too sure on the performance difference between the 2 boards vs the 2 cpu's. He is using it mostly for gaming although some video editing may be done.
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    If he's not going to do video editing/rendering, streaming, programming or 3D rendering then he doesn't need i7.
    Save money and get 3570K + LX board.
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