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AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition

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    The CPU works fine in that board!
    Reasonable mid range gaming setup with the card being the limiting factor. Here is a test of the card where you can look up different games,3135.html
  2. How about if I crossfire'd two of them? o.0
  3. Will do better then but it would be better to have one more powerful GPU like the HD7870 coming on the market soon.,3148.html
  4. I plan to run eyefinity as well, forgot to mention that. three 1280x1024's
    Are any 6000 series good enough for what i need?
    I'm not one of those "if it's not brand spankin new I don't want it" people.
  5. For that I would be looking into HD6950/70 2Gb card or wait for the HD7870.
  6. Would a 6850 cut it? Trying not to spend my whole college fund xD
  7. It might struggle with the Eyefinity setup so if you could stretch to the HD6870 it would be worth it!
  8. Thanks a bunch for your help meng :D
  9. What is your budget?

    Power Supply??

    This will do you just fine ===> 6870 - 2GB
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