PC Temperatures: Should I be worried?

Hi guys,
I'm not having any trouble with my computer at the moment, and it is a new system no older than a few months. However I've been browsing the forums and have seen some threads about PC temperatures. So I'm curious, are my temperatures okay? Or should I be worried.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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  1. Try not to exceed the cpu voltage 1.35V. If those temps are in idle just with oveclocked cpu , they are high. Image how high they will be if you stres your cpu.
  2. I'm going to guess thats the stock cooler and you're ok.
    An decent aftermarket cooler like the hyper 212+ would drop you 10 degrees or more.

    you should run primie95 and watch the temps and make sure they dont go over 75c. If they do then yes you have a problem.
  3. Only thing that scares me about aftermarket coolers is the installation. But I should invest in one just to be safe.

    Also, I haven't customized the voltage settings at all. Since they are higher than 1.35V though should I go into the BIOS and lower them down?
  4. It has a fire signal id be worried
  5. Few things are a bit funny in that speedfan readout. It says your cpu is at 128C :D... that is impossible so do not bother about it.

    First up, you've got a decent OC going on there. The temps are a bit on the higher side but then this is an OC'ed cpu and with Sandy Bridge, you should have them run ideally below 75C on full load. Not that this is mandatory. Let us run you through the readout that you see.

    Consider the CoreTemp read-out:

    Locate TjMax: This is the maximum temperature that your cpu can reach before failsafe measures to protect your cpu are invoked. These measures can range from throttling your cpu to lower speeds to bring the temp down to completely shutting down your system.

    In any case, the cpu is well protected. This fact also brings to the fore how wrong that speedfan reading of 128C is. It is 30C above your TjMax...LOL.

    The reason most people insist that Sandy Bridge cpu's should ideally be run under 75C is for longevity. Industry standards for cpu life is 10 years minimum but I do not know whether this is around TCase (It is usually 72-74C for most Sandy bridges) or TjMax. With every 10C, your cpu's life is halved (This is only valid under a constant full load const high temp operation for extended periods of time )but as the loads and temps on the cpu's vary with every passing second, occasionally hitting even 80C say during an intense gaming session is not a bad thing.

    Like Popatim suggested/assumed, if this is a stock cooler then you are fine and a decent aftermarket cooler will surely bring the temps down

    Like Prime95 you can also check your cpu's load temps using IPDT. It is Intel Processor Diagnostics Tool. It will perform a short load test on your cpu and report back the results.

    have fun with your machine.

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