Sabertooth z77 worth it?

I am planing to buy the Sabertooth z77...but I found mostly good things about it, but some say its overpriced...Is it really so good? If not what other motherboards can I have for this price?
Just Asus motherboards, please!

Thanks (:
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  1. Money is not a problem:)
  2. When you buy the MB for games or something else, you need the functions good for games if it is for game, but not for the fancy features, but if you like to play around this MB, yes it is the fantasy one and like other say overprice. And if the money is not a problem, it is good one, go for it. But we still don't recommend it based on the price/performance rated.
  3. I can get it for 260$ is it too much for it?
    Or I could get better for this?
  4. I forgot to say in my country pc components cost 20% more than in the us.
    So this is a very good price for my place...
  5. cin19 said:

    My country sucks...Newegg wont send it to Europe..
  6. Sorry.
  7. But thank you anyway! (;
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