Nvidia GTX275 Sli Upgrade Advice.

Ok, So I built an uber gaming system about 2 years ago and I am beginning to feel it is time for me to upgrade my 2 Nvidia GTX275's. Below is my setup.

Monitor : Triple Head 22" LG Monitors 5040x1050 @ 2ms.
Processor : Intel Core i7-950 (Stock Clock)
Memory : 12gig DDR3 1600
Storage : 3 TB Internal, 500Gig External.
Graphics Cards: 2 x GTX275sli
Motherboard : Asus P6T Deluxe

Now, from what I have been reading, a single GTX580 card is a very minor upgrade at most. My question is, if I were to stay Sli, what would be my best options to go with? I am not trying to spend $600, I would just buy a GTX590. If in the case that is my best logical choice for an upgrade, then let me know. Thank You.


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  1. Gtx 560ti sli :D or a 570 sli.
  2. Your best logical choice would be to wait for nvidia 600 series or AMD 7000 series and see some real performance increase.AMD 7900 series is scheduled to release in early q1 2012 and Nvidia to follow them 2-3 months later.
  3. Has there been any information released on the price range of the GTX6 series? Like I siad, im not lookint to spend $700 or I would just buy the 590. Also I forgot to mention that I have the Asus P6T Deluxe MB which is Tri Sli capable, so another GTX275 might be another option. I am still relatively new to how sli works with vram limits and what not. How does that play in? Would tri sli GTX 275's be comparable to 590 or better? Keep in mind that I am running 3 monitors, and from what I have read Sli is better for multihead setups, where-as a single card lags.
  4. Tri sli scaling would be very poor and it wouldn't be better than 590.FYI the HD7970 is expected to perform close to 6990 with a tdp 190W.And I'm sure that it won't cost sky high.Expect the cost to be same as it was during the time of release of 6970/580.But since you have an option for tri SLI you should go for it as it would cost much less and it should perform like a 560ti sli.But the question is where will you get another gtx 275??
    In case of sli or cf each gpu keeps same copy of memory pages so your memory would still remain same ie 768 mb.
  5. I agree 560ti SLI or even 560 you would see a nce boost as you are trying to avoid the 600 range
  6. You're also not getting DX11 with the 275s.

    Agree with those promoting a 560/560ti sli setup. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Will definitely see a performance increase.

    On a side note...the 570 has 480 cores - exactly the same number as 2, 275s in sli mode. And the 570 runs faster and has DX11 as well.
  7. If I were go with Sli 560ti or 570, what is the deffernce between the 2? Is the Ti Version overclocked, and if so does it compare to the 570?
  8. aviconus said:
    If I were go with Sli 560ti or 570, what is the deffernce between the 2? Is the Ti Version overclocked, and if so does it compare to the 570?

    The 560ti has an extra core compared to the 560
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