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I have an Asus V3-P5945GC barebones case with the stock P5GC-MX/1333 Motherboard,
I added an Nvidia 8400GS card a while back, I never realized how warm it actually was in the case haha

I was looking online for fans for it, so I can keep it cool but I hit a brick wall.. I don't know what size the fans are for my computer..

I presume the back of the case is 92mm or 120mm and the front of the case is 80mm

I've uploaded some pictures of the case with a ruler, Hoping someone can help me figure out what size the fans are :)

I've been looking at these fans;
Back of case fans: - 120mm fan for the back of the case - 92mm fan for the back of the case - 80mm fan for back or front?

PCI Fan: - 80mm PCI fan for the graphics and wireless card - Planning on moving the wireless card down one to make room for the fan because the graphics card gets extremely hot!

I was thinking though that a back case fan and the PCI fan would be enough though?

Thanks for all help. :)

The gallery can be found here :)
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  1. yes, if you measure from hole to hole like you show, that will determine the fan size you need. In the case of the pic, an 80mm (8cm) fan. But keep in mind, the smaller the fan the noisier it will be to move the same amount of air as a larger fan. Case fans aren't expensive, so don't go all frugal when selecting one.

    Your graphics card will be a real heat producer when using it at levels of power... like gaming. But it should ventilate itself by pulling in case air and exhausting it out the back of the case. Be sure the card is clean, so it can move air. Blow it out with some canned air. It sounds like you have a small case. I would add a front fan as well. It will push cool air into the case. Use the largest fans you case will accept.
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply :)

    I'm going for a 3pin 80mm back fan, the PCI fan using the IDE power connector and another 80mm front fan using IDE too :)

    That should keep it cool :)

    Yeah it's a Micro ATX case, quite small :)

    My graphics card doesn't have a proper fan, I went for the PNY model over some other make and the PNY only has some stupid heatsink. And the graphics card is directly above the graphics card, with the heatsink facing the wireless card. I might also remove the PCI wireless though and replace it with a gigabit ethernet card :).

    Thanks for the help :)
  3. I had one of those a while back, it ran at like 90C, I know where you're coming from!
    Looks like you can install 80mm or 92mm fans on the back and 80mm on the front.
    I would suggest a thinner fan for the front, there won't be too much space.
    Be sure to check the airflow direction an the fans when installing. You want the front fan to be pulling air in and the back fan to be pushing it out. Indications on air flow direction are on the one side of the fan. You could also find a splitter cable to connect both to the chassis fan 3pin connector on your mobo.

    The two fans will do the job, but it would be better (considering the job they are doing) to find decent quality fans that will be more efficient.
  4. Yeah it does get a bit hot haha

    I'm going to get a few Xilence fans two 80mm ones,
    One for the front and one for the back.

    I'll also order an exhaust PCI fan for the graphics card :)

    Thanks for all the help :)
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