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Before we start my budget is 500$, I am looking for a quick and good quality computer but I am not planning to do gaming with it. I may be using it for a few games (Skyrim) but I dont mind playing on medium/low settings) I am also planning on buying from Tiger or so links to those adresses will be helpfull.

- Tower I have an Atex 17.6 x 16.6 x 7.5 (around)
-Dvd/cd slot burner
- I have an externall 1tb drive

- Will need a power Supply (have one of 350 watts but thats too small)
- Need a motherboard (No high gaming needs needed)
- SSD very low space just for speed
-I will need ram either 4gb or 8gb
-Video Card with hdmi (I would like 2 recommendations one for medium low settings and one for super low 40$-60$ card)
-Now for Cpu I want either an intel i5-2500k, a phenom black edition x6 thuban, or Amd fx 8120
(The reson for cpu is simple, I was thinking of a 4 core but a good 4 core would come to about 170-200 I might as well but 20 dollars more to get one of these).

Links and prices will be apreciated it and thank you for any responce
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  1. You do not want to try and fit an SSD in there it would be pointless, but let me try to find you something.

    Still S.O.L when it comes to the GPU cause you will exceed your budget. I would strongly recommend not getting an SSD and using the same components in this bundle and get a GTX 460
  2. Alright I dont mind not getting an ssd and settling for something else but I would need I am from canada. Thank you
  3. No problem if you need anything else let us know and we will help out as much as possible
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