Capture Card?

Hello all!

Im looking for a capture card that has HDMI input, relatively cheap not some piece of junk but not $200+ probably puts me in the junk pool lol but yea.

Id prefer a pci but would go for a usb card if it had HDMI.

I want to record Xbox 360 gameplay live.

My current system specs

Asrock E4 G3 p67 Mobo
16gbs of ram
2x 460 Hawk sli
corsair 750w psu
corsair a70 HSF

not much else going on inside really umm basically having a trashy time trying to find the right card without horrible reviews in my price range, college student and all.
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  1. Your thread is a few days old. Were you able to get an answer?

    This looks like it will do what you need for about $100
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