Can a amd a6-3600 processor run windows xp

I had a Dell computer that was running windowws XP which will not power on any longer. So I purchased a new computer which has the AMD A6-3000 processor. I have some data on the old hard drive I would like to recover. Is it possible to put the old computer SATA hard drive in place of the new hard drive? The old computer was running windows XP. Can the new computer run the Windows XP program so I can retrieve the data from the old drive?
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  1. That CPU has more than enough power to run XP. XP ran on machines with much lower power.
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    As long as there are Windows XP compatible drivers for the motherboard...
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  4. why not?. i think that run fine. unless you have compatible drivers for mobo new.
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    amd ?? oh no.. quick burn it , your house and your clothes then run to the intel man and tell him he is god

    Then why do you own an AMD CPU and GPU...? Hmmm.
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