Motherboard temperature too high

ASUS P7H55M-LX running with integrated graphics
Core i3-540 OC'd to 3.5GHz without messing with Vcore (iGPU is on ofc)
One crappy HDD, low quality 400W PSU and one box CPU cooler


So what do you think, should i stop oc'ing? And more importantly, are these temperatures dangerous?
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  1. it could be just your case temps. im not sure where your temp sensor for that motherboard is but its most likely do to airflow. my motherboard temp is never above 35c. i wonder what your vcore temps are
  2. What case do you have? And what is your room temp.? The temp. is a little bit high.
  3. I don't really know the model of the case but i've screwed off the side panel few weeks ago. room temp is 28C
  4. Sometime the reading is inaccurate, you can get other software to verify temperature. Like this "speccy"
  5. Mobo temperature is the same but CPU temperature is higher than in AIDA64

  6. Set the i3-540 to the normal speed and check the temp again, maybe the OC cause the high temp.
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