New motherboard for OptiPlex 790 Mini Tower

I need to upgrade my Dell OptiPlex 790 Mini Tower with a new motherboard that doesn't have 35w limit on PCI-E so I can use a higher end graphics card. The problem is I don't know if my case is standard so I can drop in any ATX motherboard. I would greatly appreciate if anyone knows! I plan to keep my CPU (Core i7 2600) so I need a LGA 1155 socket MB. Probably would need new fan too as the OEM one may not fit the new MB... Again not sure.

I also would also upgrade my PSU to the Silverstone 600w Strider. My planned GPU purchase is a NVIDIA GTX 650Ti.
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  1. 35w limit on PCIE? Why wont you upgrade the power supply as faster cards require additional power
  2. The limit is on the PCIE port on the Dell OEM motherboard. My question is can I upgrade the motherboard for my Dell case? Will any standard ATX motherboard fit in a Dell OptiPlex 790 mini tower case?
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