Safe OC for my Gfx Card?

What is a safe OC in MSI After Burner to OC my n560 Ti OC? I've been using these settings recently running Heaven as my benchmark. What happens if the GFX starts t ofail aswell? What are signs and or Symptoms?

I also up'd the Core Voltage to around 1075 at one point. Thanks guys!
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  1. First of all, tell us your FULL specs here...

    Also, have you tried some games with those setting? Watch the temps of GPU when you're playing games...
  2. As with any overclock you want to monitor the temps. A good small overclock is when your heatsink/fan can keep the temps down to a reasonable level. I you do an overclock and your temps are a constant 70's and 80's and your fan is at max then the overclock is too high and you will not get a very good life span from your gpu. If you can keep it under 60 c then you can live with that. A sure sign of trouble is getting artifacts and crashes during gameplay. Also be carefull with the voltage you should only need small increases , very small.
  3. hey guys thanks for the reply. I have a n560 Ti OC edition, 8 GB of RAM, i5-2500k and I can't remember the mobo off hand an MSI something. I run Heaven benchmark at max settings with those settings I posted earlier in the SS. And when I was playing bf3 the most I've seen my temp at was around 59-61 C so I hope that's reasonable. So all I'm looking for is how high the temp gets on the GPU to make sure its not being overworked? Also, you mentioned voltage and since I'm still pretty new to all this, if I'm running my voltage too high, will that fry the card or something? I've never noticed any type of artifacts but I did once see my chrome window tab black out and I couldn't click them after I ran a benchmark. thanks guys for the fast replies.
  4. bump for reply! Also I just ran heaven and when I exited out, my screen resolution was changed. It this normal?
  5. Well, if there's so many problem then revert back that card setting and stay away from OC thing OR use another setting to get a proper(stable) one...
    I used to using heaven as a benchmark tools, but I never experience like resolution change.
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