Motherboard will not start

I have a asus P8z77-v LX motherboard that will not fan and nothing on the moniter.
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  1. I assume the computer has worked in the past.


    The 24 pin power cable is seated properly
    The 4/8 pin CPU power cable is seated properly
    The CPU is properly seated and the CPU fan is firmly attached w/ thermal grease
    You have the front panel connectors plugged into the motherboard properly
    The power supply is plugged into a wall socket that has power.

    If all that is happening and you still get nothing, it's likely time for a new power supply. If you’re getting fans spinning but no post, it could be the GPU, CPU or motherboard. Send more symptoms.
  2. make sure you have plugged everything to the power supply, the front panel power button cable is in correct header pins. look in your manual for instruction on how to connect that
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