Can I convert one partition to ntfs with win2k?

I am going to run dual boot with winME and win 2K on the second partition.
Can I convert the second partition to NTFS without much compatibility problems?
And if so, what is the potential benefit?
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  1. Windows ME will not be able to read the data on the Win2K partition.

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  2. Generaly Win2K (or any NT) works faster and more stable on NTFS partitions, but as Arrow said, any non-NT OS (linux supports NTFS in read-only mode I think) will not be able to read NTFS partitions. Another important point is that you can't convert NTFS partitions to anything else without a complete format (I think you even have to delete the partition itself).
  3. Fat Partitions are faster then NTFS partition. Windows 2000 is faster and more stable then ME or windows 9X but fat partitions are a still faster. Nt/win2000 suggests you use fat for your boot partition and NTFS for data security. That way it is easier to recover the boot side. Make sure you make the emergency disks for repair though. He's right you can't convert them back. If you loose your NT operating system and don't have the proper repair disks made ahead of time to recover from, then you've lost the NTFS partition. Really pretty good security but you need to be careful with it.


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  4. I am more concerned about speed rather than security. In that case I shall leave the C partition as FAT only and install win2K on it, and install ME on D partition, (that is where I intend to play my games on).
    By the way I am able to use a common folder to store my outlook express mail(either from 2k or from my 98se) at present.
    I can also use a common my document folder, cant i?
  5. If the NTFS is faster, then shall I install 2K on an NTFS partition(say C) and keep all the others as FAT.
    Then even though win ME wont be able to read the NTFS data, tht data can still be copied to the FAT partitions using WIN 2K in emergencies.
    As mentioned earlier common data that I use I can keep on the FAT ones, like my documents, outlook mail folders, etc.
    By the way, if I run Word from the NTFS partition, can it save the documents created on the FAT partitions?
    Please forgive my confusion.....
  6. There is a software available to be able to read/write NTFS from Win9X/Me, but the freeware is read-only. For more info on this software see

    As for the NTFS/FAT confusion, there is no problem copying, saving or do anything NTFS <--> FAT. You just cannot CONVERT.

    And about being faster, it s something a heard, but I suffered no performance loss, so it is at least as fast :)
  7. Like they said. Win2k can see both partitions so yes word loaded on a ntfs partition would be able to see and save to the fat partition. But consider that you wouldn't be able to run word from the ME side. So if you say used Outlook and used word as your email editor, you'd be hosed on the ME side.

  8. No you can use word on both OSs. I mean you would have to install word for Me on the Me partition and its associated progrm files and similarly a duplicate install for it on the 2K partition.
    I already do this with my existing machine(where all the partitions are FAT). I have two words, two outlook express and so on.
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