MX3560 gateway no sound after reinstall xp / vista / 7 soundmax card

Hello there i am currently trying to reinstall my old gateway mx3560 and this is the order in which i reinstall my operating system(s) os > chipset > soundcard video etc......... i have tried xp home and student / professional also vista basic / ultimate also windows 7 starter / homepremium / ultimate i do not have any other product keys for the rest of the operating system versions reason i have not tried the rest before i reinstalled the pc the sound was working fine it is just that the pc was horribly slow so i did a fresh reinstall of xp home premium etc........... and the performance is great i also did EURO Soft diagnostics and tried geeksquads diagnostics software both said all my hardware was good on through diags so i just cannot figure out for my life how to make the sound card work :S in all operating systems the sound card installs fine and under Computer Manager > device list or whatnot the sound card does not show any exclamation points and when i go to see driver details it says the sound card has installed perfectly fine and there is no problems detected with the driver i believe i have a sound max sound card but i have no idea truthfully that is just what the gateway support site says that i have :S if anyone wants to do remote desktop connection with teamviewer i am all for it! i really dont care about the risk of remote desktop since my wife does not want this pc back unless it plays sound :S please help me guys it would be greatly appreciated
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  1. i also ran windows 7 trouble shooting could not identify any problems
  2. UPDATE! i have been on countless forums tried countless drivers reinstalled countless times because forums said they had the proper drivers others saying go to computer manager update it to realtek 97 reboot then reupdate in computer manager with soundmax driver lol nothing has worked so far not one squeek from my sound card
  3. Maybe the sounds card is dead.
  4. abekl said:
    Maybe the sounds card is dead.

    abekl i have been thinking about that all day also but there are 1 numerous forums filled with " the only way i got my mx3560 sound back was someone emailed me the driver inside they're rescue cd" 2 before i re-installed xp it worked right after it did not. 3. i have ran every type of diagnostics software and none tell me it is dead

    personally abekl you might be right because nothing i mean nothing can get this card back to life but serious question shouldn't diags tell me if it is dead? or does that depend on the diagnostics software you use?
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