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So i have my own personal computer i built and my brother got jealous and wants me to build him a cheap computer, so I am. He is on a very small budget(around $200) and im going to give him all my old parts that still work. Im going to give him a intel E2200 2.2ghz processor that i might overclock for him but i cant seem to find a good mobo to do it with. witch board should i get?
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  1. cin19 said:
    If you have some DDR2 RAM already, get this:

    If you have the DDR3 RAM, then get this:

    Thanks, i have ddr2 ram but i dont think he wants it, he recently found out how much ram can do so im not going to be using the ddr2 anymore. I have seen those boards because they are the only ones i can find that are available, but if theres anything better out there i dont know it.
  2. GIGABYTE GA-G41MT-S2PT is a very good mobo especially if you are a overclocker.

    => Its got solid capacitors that doesnt blow on overheating
    => small in size and really efficient
    => 2×240pin DDR3 1333 (O.C.)

    I had used it on my first build two years ago and its still working great with over 60% overclocked processor
  3. Because the LGA775 MB is old and you hard to find. I don't know what parts do you have already, but you can find some combos in newegg, that can save your money. Here is link:
  4. Alright, all i realy need is ram and a video card so far, i recently got a case and im going to use my old 500w psu and a disk drive, other than that its not alot of parts, its just getting them, and being a low end gaming computer i at least want them to be decent quality. i will try and go for the gigabyte mobo and get ore ram. but where it says it supports the 1333 in overclock, does it have to be overclocked or can i but it 1333 and have it run.
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