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This is my first gaming rig and I need a motherboard that is compatible with my CPU, Which can either be an i3 2100 or an i3 3225, It also needs to work with my GPU which is a sapphire ultimate radeon HD 6670.



Oh and the budget is 100USD
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  1. I would say go with any ASRock Mobo's I have the Extreme4 and so does my friend and they work extremely well. If you are willing to wait it has gone on sale for 100 sometimes, but not often.
  2. Well I do have a few recommendations for you especially if your going for a light to mid range gaming rig.

    A nice standard and reliable board with a good price tag is this one - Click Me! I've use MSI boards in the majority of the standard and light gaming rigs I've built, it's not a good board for playing around with overclocking but will run a socket 1155 i3 of any sort without issue.

    It did catch my eye that when you stated you were looking for a board for either CPU that you did not have the CPU yet. If this is the case I may like to point some recommendations towards AMD APU motherboards and CPUs, the reason is because you are running a 6670 which so happens to be the highest card you can pair with an APU to get dual graphics mode, its like a cost effective crossfire. In terms of CPU power an i3 has more of a kick then an APU but as for graphics performance you would get 50% increase easy gaming performance for the same price. If your interested I'll post a few recommended setups.
  3. Post any recommendations you have my friend, Ill look into them all
  4. Alrighty, My most recommended CPU+MOBO combination would be the A10-5800K APU (Quad Core + AMD 7660D Graphics) and a nice ASUS F2A85-M PRO FM2 motherboard.

    If you wanted to familiarize yourself a bit more on the AMD Dual Graphics option you can check THIS out.

    Click Here! to check out the A10-5800K APU
    Click Here! to check out the ASUS F2A85-M PRO Motherboard

    I really like all the features on the board such as all SATA 6.0Gbps ports and 4x USB 3.0 connectors along with native DDR3-1866 support, but the main reason why I push for this is because of the nice boost you'll get in games.
  5. Well the thing is, I dont know much about the whole difference between intel and amd but i do know about intel, so using amd seems wierd, mainly because i understand the whole i3 i5 i7 and all of that, but then i look at amd and have zero clue about anything about it, but if you would want to explain i would love to learn
  6. For game you are better to get the intel CPU, look at the review "86 Processors From AMD And Intel, Tested " Even I3 is easy beat most AMD CPU.,3370-16.html
  7. Yes, Intel CPUs are most definately faster the AMD. But light gaming is not based around CPU power, A CPU becomes a bottleneck for graphics performance when you get into graphics cards upwards off 200 dollars. Having an i3 is a great CPU but you will be limited as to your gaming performance with only a 6670, Going with a A10 lowers your CPU performance but you will get better gaming performance with dual graphics processors.
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