Need Help with my First Build!

Hello everyone, I'm about to start my first build and I'm looking for some advice on components. My budget is between $1100-1300

CPU - I'm settled on this and I'm getting the Intel i5 2500k.

Memory - I've been considering the Kingston HyperX 8GB (2x4gb) 240 pin DDR5.

Motherboard - I really need some help here. I know that I want a motherboard that is reliable, is able to be overclocked, and has some decent fan controls (which from my understanding rules out Gigabyte). I don't plan to run multiple cards or do crossfiring.

Hard Drive - I've been considering an SSD drive but I may just go with a traditional hard drive to start with. If I go the SSD drive its my understanding that Intel makes the most reliable and I'd probably get a 120gb model. I've heard the 320 series is good for gaming? Maybe I'm wrong on that. Any suggestions are welcome.

Graphics Card - Most likely going with the Nvidia 560 Ti. Is there a certain manufacturer I should go with (Evga, Gigabyte etc..).

Power Supply - I had been eyeing this one . Once again I'm open to suggestion.

Case - On the case like the motherboard I need some help. I know I want a case with good wire management. Other than that I'm open to suggestions.
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    i also have i5-2500k, very good processor, never bottlenecked it, ever, even with prime95 running it was completely functional and usable

    for cpu heat sink look into the hyper 212, very good high rated heat sink

    you mean dd3, you skipped 2 generations haha. personally i buy g-skill ram, i always do and i have never had to RMA to date

    while on newegg select best rating, it sorts out the weeds

    for the motherboard read a few of these posts that i have done recently. each one is slightly different because each post is suited to the particular wants and needs of the person, but the advice and links are pretty good.

    for the HDD i went with a 64gig SSD boot drive and a 1tb data drive, you will get the performance of a boot drive where it does matter and were the performance doesnt matter thats when you will use the large HDD. SSDs have absolutely no performance gain when gaming. go for high rated, i got a crucial m4, very good high rated SSD.

    560 ti is a good card, itll get you max settings in all or most games, and you sli them in the future.

    the power supply will do nicely, but if you want to sli in the future you might want to go 900W-1000W

    cooler master cases have really good cable management, they dont always look the prettiest

    any questions just ask
  2. I favor eVGA for nVidia cards ax XFX for ATI cards. They are a bit more expensive the the others but build quality and warraties are excellent.

    For first-time builders, I recommend looking at these threads:

    Build it yourself:

    And although this primarily a troubleshooting thread, the first part contains a checklist that will catch most noob mistakes:
  3. Should I try to get a Z68 board? I plan to get an SSD either now or later. My main use for an SSD is the improved performance of windows and better game loading in MMO's. Do I need to worry about SSD Caching for that?

    Should I try to get a Gen3 board to future proof a bit?

    These are some of the boards I've been looking at...

    and this P67 board....

    Cases I'm considering...

    Though I guess I should also mention that right now the cooler I'm considering is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 though I've also thought about the Corsair H60 Liquid Cooler.

    Anyways onto the cases....

    Mid Tower...

    Full Tower....
  4. Your build looks solid.You have made a good choice with the board. If you are looking for easy overclock this will do it for you. for ten bucks less you could get this board that is made for gamers specificly (watch the video)

    It has soundblaster on board and some other really cool features, including ROG connect that allows you to hook up a laptop through usb port on back and control your cpu and ram and tweaks during games while playing cool huh. The ROG "republic of gamers" line is the best of the best when it comes to gaming ,overclocking etc.
    I have this board and love it I am overclocked to 4.3 gigs with the click of a mouse and could probably go as far as 4.7 if not 5.0 with my i5-2500k

    Heatsink is great I spent a little more for looks and am glad I did.
    I didn't spend that much, got on sale for 49.00 amazon with $20 mail in rebate

    Also consider the following for gpu. I only suggest because I play most of my games on ultra settings with it singular card.
    I got mine on ebay for $167 Still good deals there
    one axample of many

    I hear good things about evga as well and the one you picked seems good enough

    I have learned over the years you cant go wrong with Asus and Intel. Asus is slow to respond to support issues but they do offer 3 yr warrantee on most products.

    Heck someone can answer my support requests for months and it will do no good if the product is bad and I cant get a refund. lol

    Your case looks really good and looks like it will be roomy.
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